Local Moving

Local moves are when the two locations are less than 100 km apart from each other and the Montreal downtown core.

Typically completed in one working day, a local move consists of packing your current home into our trucks and safely transporting your belongings to your new home.

Pool and Snooker Table Moving

Did you just purchase a heavy pool table?

Pool and snooker tables are our specialty. We are experts at quickly disassembling any table, quickly transport it to a new location then carefully reassemble it to ensure a level blemish free playing surface.

Packing Service

Would you like someone to pack for you?

STC also offers a packing service. We will arrive on site and pack the entire contents of your home. Ask about this service when booking your next move.


Labour Only

Do you have a truck or container that needs loading/unloading? No problem!

STC can provide hard working professionals to complete any job in a timely fashion. Please keep in mind that for labour only moves the customer is responsible for providing protective blankets, packing tape, tie downs for the truck, dollies and any other items that may be required to keep your move running smooth. These items can usually be rented from the truck rental/container company.

Long Distance Moving

Long distance moves are considered a move that extends beyond 100 km of downtown Montreal.

Typically for these moves, there is an additional fuel surcharge to the regular hourly rate for the fuel our trucks require. We frequently do runs to Ottawa, Toronto and locations around Quebec of similar distances. However, during our busy season, we only operate locally. If you are planning a long distance move please give us a call and let us try to assist you!


Commercial Moving

Moving your business or looking for an ongoing moving service for your business?

We do everything possible to minimize downtime and have you up and running with minimum delay. We handle computers and major office equipment with care while cubicles and desks are broken down and rebuilt at the new location.



Is your store or company in need of a reliable ongoing delivery service?

We love repeat business so not only will we give you 110% of our attention but we can also offer tailored price structures that benefit your bottom line without sacrificing on quality. We understand that when we deliver for you, we essentially become an extension of your brand/product and we do everything possible to maintain the high-quality service and image that your customers expect.








In off season the prices are as follows:

45$-55$ an hour for the truck with driver.

65$-75$ an hour for the truck with two men.

95$-115$ an hour for the truck with three men.

We have a fleet of 4 trucks 16, 18 and 20 feet. The price stays the same independent what size you choose.

If you have any particular needs or combinations please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.